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Orchestratus: Make the cloud work for you

Orchestratus offers a full range of strategic, tactical, and technical services for businesses who use – or want to use – cloud computing. Typical client results include:

  • At a web-based business, drastically reduced time-to-market for new features from three months to ten minutes.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty for a mid-size web-based business.
  • Improved operational efficiency at a web storefront, leading to increased revenue.
  • Launched uCloud, a pioneering new line of cloud business at KT, a leading telecommunications carrier in South Korea.
  • With increased ability to focus on innovation, enabled a cloud computing solution provider to leapfrog its competition and exceed growth goals.
  • Decreased capital expenditure by 40% at a large IT shop.
  • By eliminating unnecessary approvals and process headaches, a fast-moving company improved employee retention.
  • Increased market share at a SaaS startup.

“My business unit needed to change direction rapidly to take advantage of the new possibilities enabled by the cloud. Shlomo helped me develop a strategy to do so, and now we can focus on executing this strategy and maximize our benefit from cloud.”
Dr. Hyeonkyu Lee, Senior Vice President, Advanced Platform & Software Business Center
KT Corp.

Whatever stage your organization is at in adopting cloud computing, Orchestratus can help you achieve world-class results.

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