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Make the cloud work for you.

Our expert practitioners architect and engineer solutions that help you leverage cloud computing for your business needs. Orchestratus is led by Shlomo Swidler, a well-known consultant and speaker.

Shlomo Swidler, FounderShlomo Swidler

Shlomo Swidler propels clients to world-class results. New York-born and living in Israel for 15 years, he has worked extensively in seven countries and has attracted a clientele of globally respected companies such as as KT (Korea Telecom), VMware, and NDS (acquired by Cisco). No less a globally renowned brand than Samsung consulted him in establishing innovative strategy. Powerhouses of the digital economy such as Amazon are attracted to his practice and benefit from radically improved competitiveness and market domination. He has worked with the industry’s leading cloud computing companies to drive growth and innovation.

Very active in the community, Shlomo is among the top experts contributing to the Amazon EC2 Developer Forums. His Cloud Developer Tips blog is a highly-regarded source of practical techniques for cloud computing practitioners, and has served as the inspiration for a number of features in commercial products. And Shlomo participates in the Oped Grid Forum’s Open Cloud Computing Interface working group, providing an open, community-developed interface to cloud computing resources. Shlomo has an Engineering degree from the prestigious institution The Cooper Union in New York.

“Shlomo was an absolute pleasure to work with. The best provider we’ve worked with… he consistently followed up to insure there were no problems.”
Shawn Berg, Founder

“Shlomo is THE foremost expert in Amazon EC2 cloud computing. He is a consummate professional who guided the transition of our ecommerce sites from our outdated hardware to Amazon’s cloud from the research phase to completion. He answered every question along the way in a timely and definitive manner. He even coached our application development process along to be better suited for long term maintainability on EC2. Shlomo was a joy to work with and has my utmost trust and respect.”
Brian Thibault, CTO
eRetailing Associates